About Us

Chai team
Honest, clean and real.

Why should it be so hard to find a low calorie, deliciously yummy chai?.. it shouldn’t be.

Made from real spices and blended in Melbourne, we wanted to keep our recipes simple enough to let the flavour speak for itself while making a drink healthy enough that you didn’t have to stop at one.

This is not a product that is mass produced, this is a product made from love and care. Actually our grass roots started with three friends living in Melbourne and those three friends had a vision... this was to bring Australian’s guilt free beverages that fit into most meal plans of today.

We are not fussed about being cool, we are not motivated by low cost ingredients. We are dedicated to maintaining why it was that we created these blends, which was to bring you, our customers high quality sugar free treats.

We hope you enjoy our blends and please feel free to write to us and let us know what you think.


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