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Why Melbourne Blends?

After years of trying to find a low calorie, low sugar instant Chai latte mix with no luck, we decided to create our own! 

Our Chai latte mixes are made with real ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing while being very tasty and indulgent.

The amazing macronutrients of our Chai powder mixes allow them to fit into a wide range of meal plans, including Keto.

Time, who has it? We sure don’t! Therefore, our blends have been designed with convenience in mind - no need to brew or strain.

Simply add hot water to any of our Chai blends to make a full bodied and creamy latte.

This easy and quick process is great for people who meal prep or have Chai lattes at work or outside of the home.

Try it for yourself and be taken away by the aromas of real spice and true Chai flavour.

Instant Chai Latte Mixes for Sale 

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