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Posted on March 05 2022




The History of One of The World’s Favorite Beverage - Chai Latte 

Chai--this word makes you remember the rich aroma, the sweet-bitter taste, and the oozing steam. Chai, in most countries, is consumed on a daily basis and is considered a day-starter. But do you know that this delightful beverage has a rich history that dates back thousands of years?

Yes, the “chai latte” you usually get at your nearby coffee house is steeped in the long-lost scriptures and tales of royalty. The recipe of chai has evolved over thousands of years and varies across different cultures and countries. According to ancient stories, chai was originated in a royal court some 9,000 years ago. Some legends also say that chai was created 5,000 years ago.

“Chai” is basically a Hindi word meaning “tea.” While we cannot trace the exact origin of chai, we know that this wonderful beverage was first originated somewhere in South Asia. Chai is also deeply steeped in the tales of herbal medicine. The tea leaves from the Assam region of India were used by South Asians as an ingredient of herbal medicine, appearing to treat ailments like the common cold. Apart from its heavenly taste, the richness in antioxidants makes chai one of the most-loved beverages in the world.

In the early stages, chai was made with a wide range of herbs and spices, using different brewing methods. It was totally caffeine-free and contained no tea leaves. It was an ayurvedic drink that had vivifying properties and was served hot to treat some mild ailments.

The Arrival of Black Tea

The arrival of Britishers in India brought the arrival of black tea, a solid detoxifying element that gradually made its way into the ayurvedic recipes of chai. In the early 1830s, the British East India

Company set up plants in India and began cultivating the crop for black tea. This is when the world was introduced to the recreational drink that you consume today, mixed with herbs, spices, tea, sweetener, and milk. This move of the Britishers also established India as the biggest black tea supplier across the world.

     Tasty Chai Latte

Modern-day Chai

Later in the 1900s, chai mixes became popular in the far-reached corners of the world and gained even more popularity as we stepped foot in the century.

The modern-day chai latte is made from steeping black tea into boiled milk. This makes a frothy, delightful mixture that you cannot ignore. Chai mixes are now also available in pre-prepared packages that require no boiling or brewing.

Additionally, chai has seen many variations in recent years. In the west, the chai-latte mixes and spice-favored chai called "dirty latte" are also quite popular.

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